All Saints Tide- Sermon 135

13th February 2011 Off By Derek Buckthorpe

Prayer to Start

May the words of my lips and the thought of our hearts be graciously received for the Glory and Honour of our Lord Jesus Christ



November is a time for remembering-

Remembering All the Saints – remembering especially- tonight- those know to us –

Today- also remembering – Guy Fawkes – not for any Christian reasons – but as part of our folklore – the attack on Parliament – perhaps – reflecting religious tensions of the time – and of course- next week we have Remembrance Day – recalling the sacrifices of two world wars – and other conflicts-

A lot to remember – and to learn – and build from for the future –

An ideal time to look back – and as Jesus reminds us in our NT lesson – an ideal –time to look forward- to what at lies ahead-


Point 1 –    Jesus & The Holy Spirit

Jesus knows He only has a short time to live- and His disciples – need to know how things will be – after He dies –

He talks to them of the pain and difficulty they will face – but urges them to keep their faith-

Their grief may be overwhelming – but there will be some very positive things – that will come from what is about to happen –

“It is in your interests I am leaving you’ He says

His words – are about releasing – letting him go – when His time comes- recognizing that He must make His journey to the Father-

Jesus is about to embark on a journey – that will involve suffering and death – in less than 24 hours – Jesus will take the burdens of mankind’s sins on His shoulders- and atone for them- once and for all through His life saving death- on the cross-

And through His resurrection – He will provide the route through which others can follow – and join with Him in heaven- with the Father-

Listen to this poem by Patricia Newland-

At the cross:
Earth meets heaven-
Pain meets bliss
Sorrow meets joy
Sin meets grace
Fear meets faith
Law meets love
Absence meets presence
Death becomes life

Jesus is going to the Father- not to desert them – but so that they too can be with Him – He has to take the journey ahead of His disciples- so He can show them the way- and meet them when they arrive-

He is not leaving them alone- His death will release- the Holy Spirit- who continue to guide and teach and bring His power and presence to all who follow Him-

‘If I do not go the Advocate will not come, whereas if I go – I will send Him to you’

‘He will prove the world wrong about sin, justice and judgment’

‘ He will guide you to all truth – He will make known to you what is to come’

As believers in Jesus – we are not shielded from life’s deepest problems – but through Jesus we have been provided with some very powerful and practical help – for facing our difficulties- and for guiding us safely to Him –

(From remembering – and releasing – to re-uniting)

As His disciples – Our life’s journey is towards the eternal banquet with Him – and the promises He made – through Jesus’ death and resurrection we are given a new beginning – guided by His Spirit’s presence – who will ever be – alongside us – helping us to live our lives in the joyful presence of God’s love – and in anticipation – of the life to come –




Jesus journey to the Father has transformed our lives and our earthly ending

Because Jesus lives- we His followers also live

Our hope for the future rests in Jesus who died for our sins – and assures us of salvation –

And that certainly – is – something to remember – and not just in November – but everyday –

In the Name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit- Amen