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About Me

I am married with three grown-up children and a beautiful grand daughter and I live in the Cheshire village of Lymm. I gained an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering at Trent University, Nottingham and work as a Chartered Engineer on structural integrity of metal structures and materials for a consultancy company in the nearby village of Knutsford.

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About Lymm

Lymm is a village in the heart of Cheshire – UK.  Lymm boasts restaurants and pubs to suit all tastes and is close to the larger towns of Altrincham and Warrington. To view maps of Lymm click here.

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St. Marys the Virgin, Lymm

The first documented reference to a Church at Lymm is the Doomsday Book commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086. The first church was probably built in Saxon times. It is probable that the second church was of the Norman style and period. This was probably replaced by a third structure designed in one of…

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