Children’s Talk – Sermon 55

13th February 2011 Off By Derek Buckthorpe

Prayer to start

May every thought and word be graciously received for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ


Our General theme for this service is:

What does God think of us

What do we think of Him 

point 1  Short story of Sandra

“Sange ……. you’ll be late for school again”

Sandra rolled out of bed and stomped into the bathroom, not yet awake enough to care. She wiped a smudge of steam from the mirror with the sleeve of her pyjamas and peered at the hazy reflection.

“Ugh ! How come one person can have so many spots? Its not fair! And I’m supposed to go to school looking like this. They’ll laugh at me. Specially Tricia. She always looks like she stepped out of an advert on Telly. I know she talks about me when I’m not there. I can’t possibly let her see me looking like this …..”

“Are you coming Sandra?”

“ …… and its biology this afternoon and I haven’t labeled my diagrams yet. When I’m found out , it’ll be me that gets dissected. And I was going to get up early this morning and say my prayers. I can’t do a thing right”

Sandra threw on her cold school clothes and rushed down stairs to the front door.

“Sandra what about your Breakfas….”

The door crashed shut behind her.


point 2  What do we think of God?

How does Sandra feel about herself ?–

Spotty – unattractive

Everyone else is better than her?

Disorganized – always getting things wrong

What does her mum think of her?

Always in a hurry – lazy?


But she loves her –

She is thinking about her well being – she wanted to make sure she had something to eat –

What does she think of God?

First – notice she does think of Him – which is a very good point –

But her thoughts have not gone far enough for her to do something about it –

God is a low priority to her at the moment – not the first thing she thought of

What did she put before God?
Her Sleep – she got up late

Her Looks – she had time to go in front of the mirror – but no time to pray

Her plans – She thought about what she was going to do in the rest of the day


point 3  What does God think of me? 

What does God think of Sandra?

Beautiful – God sees us not as we see ourselves –

He sees what we are like inside – underneath the spots and the hairdo –

God Loves her – as He loves all of us –

God wants us always to live with His help

If a plant has water it thrives and flowers – without water – it looks very lifeless and droopy –

Its like that with our lives and God – if we have God we bloom – without Him we feel very sorry for ourselves –
Like Sandra we shut Him out when we refuse to depend upon Him – and that’s what sin is –

It’s like a brick wall between us and God –

But God broke down that wall went He sent His Son Jesus – when Jesus died on the cross for us – He took away our sins – and made it possible for us to live with God –

Jesus is our water of life – through Him we thrive and bloom –

We know God loves us because He sent Jesus –


So what do you think Sandra should do – if she wants to feel better ? – (List)

1. A tube of acne cream
2. A boyfriend
3. Knowing that God likes her
4. A good breakfast before she goes out
5. Enough money to but all the clothes she wants
6. Getting up early enough to pray
7. Leaving school
8. Skipping Biology
9. Not watching the adverts on TV

The answer is No. 3 – Knowing God Likes her – because if she knows that – then she knows – she’s got a friend for life –

Let us pray –

Prayer to finish

Lord God we know that we are often selfish and turn our back on you –

We know that without you life is much more difficult – and uncertain –

Thank you that you still love us

Thank you for sending Jesus to take away our sins –

Please forgive us for our mistakes and help us to live our lives to the full, through Jesus Christ –