Compline Address – Sermon 200

8th January 2016 Off By Derek Buckthorpe



Wednesday 20th April 2011

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Prayer to start

May the words of my lips and the thoughts of our hearts be graciously received for the honour of our Lord Jesus Christ





Betrayal is something no one likes to see – or hear about


whether its a breakdown of a lifelong relationship – or someone who has betrayed a friend in their hour of need-


We all pour scorn on the betrayer


And of course the name – that comes on everyones lips  –  is Judas –


The Bible tells us that Judas – was a man who spent over three years at the feet of Jesus – and yet never believed


Point 1        Judas had opportunities


Judas is not a very popular name now because of it – but it wasn’t always the case –


When Judas’s parents gave him the name – it was very popular – and carried much history –


The name Judas means – ‘Praise the Lord’ – which in the end of course – he didn’t


So how could he have fallen so low?


He had such a privileged position – he watched Jesus at work – preaching to the multitudes – he was part of his inner circle of followers – and could get really close to Jesus – and the other disciples


He witnessed miracles – saw Jesus healing the sick – making the blind see – and the lame walk – he witnessed the dead returning to life – and those filled with demons –  set free – He saw Jesus feed the 5000 with only a few loaves and fish –


He witnessed the messages – The sermon on the mount – heard the words of comfort and hope spoken by Jesus – the promises of eternal life – and the warnings about sin –  and hell –


But he wasted all these situations and opportunities –


It just shows how close a person can get –  and yet still not really believe


Point 2        Judas went his own way


Our reading tells us Judas was in charge of the common purse – it was his responsibility to buy what was needed for their time at the festival –


He sometimes acted as if the money was his  – and it was suggested he took some for himself – (some passages calling him a thief)  – He was indignant that Mary should pour precious ointment on Jesus feet – when it could have been sold – and the money used by the group –  under his management – for the poor


He loved to own and handle money –  and in the end – betrayed Jesus for it –


None of what Jesus said or did changed his heart –


He must have seen the other disciples grow closer and closer to Jesus – but he himself  didn’t grow  at all – in fact he may have gone further away –


He clearly couldn’t have been honest – to the other disciples – about what was inside – and he certainly didn’t opened up to Jesus –  otherwise he would have changed –


He was among friends but when it came down to real commitment –  he was very much left on his own –


Throughout the meal Jesus still treated Judas – as a friend  – not exposing him openly – until that final bread dipping –


and – when Jesus gave the bread to Judas  – and he accepted it  – Judas must have realized then – that Jesus knew everything  – and that the truth of his actions were laid bare –




Its said that one of the tragedies of life is not that it ends so soon – but that we wait so long for it to begin –


Jesus knows our inner most secrets –  He knows all our needs – no matter how hard it gets  – He is always there to help us begin –


Judas’ life was full of lost opportunities – lost relationships  –  and in the end it was a lost life –


Let’s not sit at the feet of Jesus – and yet never believe – if we do that  –  the only one we will really betray –  is ourselves –


In this Holy Week  – lets accept Jesus as our Saviour – and offer again ourselves to God  – and a new life in Him –


Prayer to Finish


In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit –





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