13th February 2011 Off By Derek Buckthorpe

USED IN 2007

CHARACTERS: Enthusiastic Narrator with 6 to 10 people who make mimed pictures to accompany the narrative. Characters need to be a mixture of young and mature if poaaible

PROPS: To accompany the diferent characters; e.g.different hats (Bowler,school cap, Flat cap, trilby, etc); different tops, jackets, tee shirts, scarfs, etc. try to keep hands free of props.

REHEARSALS: Need to have one or two to make sure the group do things together and know what is coming next.

START: narrator and chorus come out front. Chorus in a group in the centre and the narrator to one side. the narrator announces the sketch title: FAMILIES

Narr 1: Families are important

(The group stop and turn and smile at the congregation)

Narr 1: Let’s just think about it for a minute

(All think!)

Narr 1: Some of us have big families

(All make themselves as tall as possible)

Narr 1: Some of us have little ones

(All crouch down)

Narr 1: Some of us have noisy ones

(All make a noise)

Narr 1: Some of us have quiet ones

(All put fingers to lips)

Narr 1: But whatever kind of family we have,…

(All smile again happily)

Narr 1: Big, small, loud or quiet…

(They quickly recap and get confused)

Narr 1: Families are there to stick by us…

(All squash together in a tight mass)

Narr 1: But we don’t always want to be that close….

(Sniff each other and step away)

Narr 1: Families can support us..

(Lean on each other in twos – back to back

Narr 1: But sometimes they can let us down …

(In these two’s one steps away so the other can fall)

Narr 1: But no one is perfect ……

(Look at each other and pull a face)

Narr 1: And it can be boring to have to be with your family

(All yawn loudly)

Narr 1: But sometimes it can be an adventure

(Look excited and run around wide eyed)

Narr 1: Sometimes its just a big argument

(All fight)

Narr 1: It may not always be easy and sometimes it’s very difficult

(All look fed up)

Narr 1: Sometimes you have to grit your teeth

(All grit teeth dramatically)

Narr 1 But often when we’re mixed up or confused our family can point us in the right direction

(All point in different directions)

Narr 1: And we are all part of a much bigger family

(Look around and point to the congregation)

Narr 1: God’s Family

(All link hands and freeze smiling)