13th February 2011 Off By Derek Buckthorpe

So what’s new? – Well – we’re two weeks into the New Year – the sales are in full swing – encouraging us to go out and buy new things – its exciting and lifts us – starting out on a new job or new task can be exciting too – it gives us a new challenge to respond to –
Life is wonderful – it’s a gift from God – We all want to hang on to it – as long as possible- and live life to the full – New life is even better -The arrival of a new baby or grandchild in a family is a time of great joy and celebration – Jesus promises new life to everyone

Well it’s a new year and a new church season –

Epiphany – After Easter -its the second oldest season in the Christian church year –

Jesus tells us – its time for a new start!- a new beginning! – Time for a new world to emerge from an old faith – Time for each one of us to look again at what the Gospel message means to our lives!