St Andrew the Apostle – Sermon 321

23rd December 2019 Off By Derek
  • St Andrew the Apostle
  • 10.45 am Thursday Morning Prayer  
  • 28th November 2019

Prayer to start

May the words of my lips and the thoughts of our hearts be graciously received for the Glory and Honour of our Lord Jesus Christ



This Saturday – is ‘the Feast Day of St. Andrew’ – St Andrew’s Day –

The name Andrew comes from the Greek word for ‘Manly’

St Andrew is of course the patron Saint of Scotland – and he was the first Apostle of the 12 that Jesus called –

Although first to get involved – he was quickly overshadowed by his brother – Simon Peter who he brought to see Jesus –

Point 1        Be Awake to Jesus with us

St. Andrew went through life leading people to Jesus – both before and after the crucifixion –

He was martyred on a saltire -an X shaped Cross – and is said to have preached for two whole days from it –

The thing about Andrew was that he was open – and aware of what was going on around him –

He listened to John the Baptist when he identified Jesus from the crowds

and he responded to John’s words – by following Jesus to find out what he meant –

Andrew was ‘Awake’ – and John the Baptist – whom he was following  –  was like a loud clanging alarm clock calling everybody to be aware of their sins – and awake to the need for repentance –

And it was John’s shouting and warnings – that were exactly what Andrew and the people of the time needed –

When the people of Israel – came out of Egypt – they were brought through the Red Sea – and then through the Sinai wilderness – which took a whole generation to cross – before finally crossing the Jordan River – and reaching the promised land –

They escaped slavery in Egypt – but were now slaves again – this time to sin – and they needed a new Exodus – to bring them to freedom –

Baptism with water in the river Jordan – would be the sign of that new exodus – and of their repentance for the forgiveness of sins – 

To many Jews – John the Baptist was – as great a prophet as Moses and Elijah – but John knew that his true mission – was to exalt and point to Jesus – as the true word of God –

John the Baptist was God’s instrument – for waking up the people to what – and who was amongst them – and he certainly stirred Andrew in to action –

And we like Andrew should also follow John’s advice  – to be awake to what and who  is amongst us – to be alert to God’s presence – with us  – and make sure that we and those around us – are aware of Jesus  – and who He is –

Point 2        Come & see & meet Jesus 

When Andrew and the other disciple left John – to follow Jesus – Jesus was aware of their intentions

‘What are you looking for?’ – said Jesus

‘Where are you staying,’ came the reply

‘Come and see’ says Jesus

We all have busy lives and there are many important things we do each day –

whether its for ourselves – our families – our friends – our work – or our community – but the message from Jesus is that it is more important to know Him –

Andrew realised that Jesus was someone he should meet – and know –  and he went to follow Him –

God never hides from His people – more than often – its we who hide from Him – He always sends us signs and signals – to prepare us for what He is about to do

Jesus wants us ‘ to come and see’  – ‘to look and to follow’  –  ‘to find out who He really is’  – so we can  understand the reasons for His coming to us –

Andrew was told by John about Jesus – and after His first meeting – with Jesus – His life was changed forever –

Point 3

When Andrew met Jesus and understood who He was – the first thing he did was to find his brother – Simon – and tell him all about Jesus – and He then brought Simon to meet Jesus

What a fantastic thing to do – and what a hard thing to do

Andrew must have been overflowing with joy –

and very persuasive –

Yes there was an expectation about the Messiah’s coming –  but there had been so many false alarms – and to convince his brother – to stop what he was doing and come and meet a perfect stranger – whom Andrew believed was the Messiah – must have taken a great effort –

But each day – and each year – we are called to do exactly what Andrew did – to go to our families and our friends – and persuade them – to come and meet the one that could change their lives forever –  

He was sent into the world as a baby – the most vulnerable time of our lives – and was brought up in a poor family – in one of the most oppressed parts of the world – its certainly not the start we would have chosen – for the King of kings –

But Jesus will rule over Israel forever – but not like any king before Him –but as a true example of God’s grace –

He came to live – and experience – our disappointments and failures – to help us to see God at work even in our most difficult times – to express God’s love in the most needed of places  – to heal the sick – give sight to the blind – enable the lame to walk – Jesus put His life on the line – in order to show us that He understands and cares for our individual needs –

The scars of our past sins can run deep within us – but Jesus came to take away those scars  – so that we can start again – 

When we accept Jesus as our Saviour – because of His sacrifice for us – we are brought closer to God – and our sins no longer separate us from Him – 

The greatest gift any one can receive is Jesus Christ – and the most important gift we can give – is ourselves –

So like Andrew – lets decide to give Jesus to someone we love – to tell them about Him – and encourage them to come and meet Him – for themselves-

Conclusions          for us this Advent

God is open to all who are prepared to give themselves to Him in love –

The Apostle Andrew went looking for Jesus – and found that Jesus was looking for Him –

Looking for and finding Jesus is a voyage of discovery and we need to embark on it each day – and to set ourselves targets to discover more and more about Him – as we get to know Jesus and love Him –  

So today – lets act on the three things that Andrew responded to:

to wake up – and say yes to Jesus –

to come and see what He is really about –

and to play our part in bringing others to Him –

making sure that as we approach Advent and the beginning of a new Church year –that those we know and love – will get to know what it means to receive the greatest gift of all –